June 27, 2017

March 16, 2017

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Cold Laser Therapy

March 16, 2017

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Beating those Winter Blues

June 22, 2016

Winter is that time of the year when many are effected by cold or flu bugs so it’s important to ensure your immune system is working at its best.


Being proactive about your health will help ensure that you make it through the cooler months cold and flu free.


Dose up on vitamins and minerals—It is important to supplement your diet during the winter months. Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C are key to a healthy immune system.  Vitamin D as well during the winter months, when we get less exposure to the sun. If you would like more information on these supplements, please don’t hesitate to ask us while at the clinic.


Eat a well balanced diet–Keep your immune system in shape by making sure you’re eating a healthy diet. Add in dark, leafy greens and red and yellow vegetables, to your diet which are all high in antioxidants. Also, cut out sugar from your diet! Sugar and Vitamin C are so similar in structure that they compete for the very space in our cells where Vitamin C should go. If your diet is high in sugar (this includes carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice), then the Vitamin C  isn’t getting the chance to do its job effectively.


Keep exercising–It’s hard to be motivated when it’s cold and dark, but regular exercise helps boost your immune system. 


Get adequate sleep–Sleep loss not only plays a role in whether you get sick but it also influences how you fight illnesses and therefore how fast you recover.


Visit your Chiropractor–Chiropractic adjustments improve nervous system function. By having regular spinal checks you are making sure that your brain and body are properly connected so that everything is working at its most optimal level.


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