Just start walking!

Walking is a simple, inexpensive and easy activity with many benefits for overall health and well-being. Walking regularly can improve heart and lung function, aid in weight-loss, decrease bone loss, and can also boost mood, alertness and energy levels, but did you know that walking can benefit your spinal health? Walking is a low-impact exercise that not only burns calories but helps release pain fighting endorphins. The result? Less pain and discomfort during the day.

Improves flexibility and mobility—One of the biggest issues that people tend to have with their backs is that they get tight or stiff which results in pain and discomfort. This tightness is a result of instability in the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). The SI joint (see image) is the joint in the pelvis between the sacrum and iliac bones, held together by ligaments, and acts as a foundation for the whole spine. When combined with a regime of light stretching, walking helps to tone the ligaments and muscles around the SI joint, as well as improve flexibility and increase range of motion. This has the added benefits of reducing the risk of injury and improving posture.

Increases circulation—Walking is essential for spinal health. It increases circulation throughout the body, including the spine. This helps to bring important blood flow to the muscles and nutrients to the spine. Soft tissues are nourished and enriched while harmful toxins are drained away. Increased circulation brings the body into balance and increased stamina as blood pressure is lowered. The movement of blood nourishes all muscles, making you stronger whilst also making exercise easier. The more you walk, the more you are able to walk.

Aids weight loss and weight management—Extra body weight can cause significant stress on the spine and can have a number of negative effects to your health. Extra body weight causes stress on the spine as the body works harder to keep balance. Walking aids weight loss and management, which in turn relieves the stress extra body weight bring. Walking benefits your whole body and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, helps to reduce osteoporosis, improve blood pressure, maintain body weight and improve mental health. By walking for just 30 minutes a day, combined with a healthy diet and chiropractic care, you are giving your body the best chance at good health and optimal function.

Taking care of your body, exercising and eating right are all important components to being the best and healthiest version of yourself. Getting adjusted is a great way to keep your body and your nervous system healthy, but adding these additional healthy practices will only make your chiropractic care results even more successful. By walking for just 30 minutes a day, you will find a number of great health benefits come with this simple type of exercise.

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