At Woombye Chiropractic we practice a technique called Sacro-Occipital Technique, or SOT for short. SOT is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique of chiropractic founded in 1925.

It focuses on the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (back of the head) and the role the two play in the circulation of Cerbrospinal Fluid (CSF) around the nervous system (the craniosacral respiratory mechanism). Similarly to your muscles and the need for transport of nutrients to the muscles, and waste products away from the muscle through the circulatory system(blood), CSF is the circulatory system of the central nervous system and brain and is paramount in maintaining an optimal environment within these structures. This is achieved through respiration, the effect of the diaphragm on the digestive and reproductive organs, effectively transmitting movement to the muscles of the pelvic floor and ultimately minute movement of the sacrum in relation to the occiput, allowing correct CSF flow.

The Sacrum in combination of the Illia of the Pelvis forms the foundation of the spine and is what permits the weight transfer of the upper body, through the Sacro-illiac joints (SI Joints), to


SOT was founded in 1925 by Dr M.B De Jarnette, who stated, “It is not another technique within Chiropractic, rather it is a method of chiropractic and as such is a full science.” He was a pioneer in developing this method of Chiropractic, with much of his research dedicated to causing and correcting musculoskeltal issues within patients to define the body’s reflexive responses to stimuli.

His research led him to realize an apparent relationship between the Sacrum and Occiput, which is how the name was derived. Whilst techniques have been refined throughout the years the basic principle of SOT remains and is as follows;

The Sacrum and Occiput are vital to the correct flow of Cerebrospinal fluid. Similar to your muscles and organs in the requirement of flowing blood to bring nutrients and export waste, such is the movement of Cerebrospinal fluid integral within the central nervous system. This pump is generated through breathing, as the diaphragm descends with lung inflation, it tighten’s the pelvic floor and provides leverage to the sacrum to create the Cerebrospinal fluid pump.


Upon booking your First appointment with the chiropractor, prior to any examination procedures a complimentary detailed history of condition and medical background will be taken to determine whether or not you will benefit from chiropractic care, and provide an estimated timeline for results.

If the patient elects to continue from there, the initial examination fee is payable, and a myriad of chiropractic tests, postural analysis, foot scans and x-rays will be conducted to get the best understanding of your condition as it presents on that day. At the completion of examinations, a minor correction will be made, and a report of findings exam scheduled.

At the report of findings, the myriad of examinations will be compiled and explained, and a more complete treatment protocol tailored to the individual can be started. From here regular consults involve the systematically approach to see how the body has responded to treatment, and treatment schedules are modified according to the response of the individuals body to the treatment