Dr Allan Lambert arrived in Nambour on the 8th May 1981 and started work at the Power Chiropractic office on Monday 10th May. He moved to Woombye in July 1986 to where is practice is today. His practice has been largely influenced by the training from the Chiropractors who intoduced SOT seminars to Australia in the late 70's and is truly grateful for there influence on his career.

Allan is married to Anne and has 4 children. Their second youngest child, Ashley, is now Allan's working partner. Allan has strong beliefs in the SOT procedure and over the years has attended many seminars to learn other gentle techniques which he now combines with his SOT approach to provide safe and effective care to people of all ages. Allan is now in semi retirement and is allowing Ashley time to establish himself with current and new patients.


Dr. Allan Lambert
Dr. Ashley Lambert

Dr. Ashley Lambert graduated from Macquarie University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic degree's.  He is Allan's son and has been adjusted since birth, developing a love and understanding for the technique and profession in general.  


Growing up on the Sunshine Coast he found himself drawn to Cricket in the Summer, and Rugby Union in the winter.  In rugby he was fortunate enough to be selected for Sunshine Coast all the way through juniors, and also for the QLD Combined Secondary Schools team in grade 12. Familiar with the injuries and pains that are associated with both sports, chiropractic care from his father was what kept him getting up each week for the next training sessions and looks forward to providing the same level of care to the patients he see's.